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Welcome To Bike Rental Korea!

 Exploring Korea by bicycle is a fantastic way to experience its culture, food, and landscapes. Not only will you see breathtaking sights, but you'll also discover hidden treasures along the way.

If you're interested in renting bicycles in Korea, just follow our simple guide provided by Bike Rental Korea.

All the information you need, including our collection of bikes and gear, can be found on our website.

If you have any questions about our services, Please click HERE to see FAQs First. 

When you're ready to book your bikes, just follow below simple steps:


Step 1: Choose the Right Bike

 The first step in renting a bike is selecting the perfect one for you. Height is very important when sizing up a comfortable bike.

The size of a bike is measured by the length of the seat tube and a person's height will determine what sized bike is best for that person to ride.

you can find the right size for you by clicking Here

※Note that if you're offered a bike size slightly bigger or smaller than your actual height, Don't worry. It requires a minor adjustment to the bike's parts can create a comfortable riding position.

If you want to know how to adjust bike parts, Please click Here to check!


Step 2: Booking Your Bikes


 If you haven't confirmed your travel dates yet, don't worry! Just contact us with your preferred dates and bike requests, and we'll check availability for you.

Please note that during peak season(Spring and Autumn), we highly recommend booking as early as possible to secure your bikes and gear, and it requires a deposit AND Copy of the ID card OR Driver license. 

Before making a reservation, please visit our website's FAQ section to get answers to any questions you may have. If you still have questions, please reach out to us via our Contact Page.

If when you are ready to book, Please email us, So we can let you know if that would be possible after checking the calendar.

Our daily price for the bikes and gear gets cheaper as the duration increases.

Click Here to Book now Or For your convenience, You can email us.

Click Here to see the Cancellation/ Refund policy.

Click Here to read DEED. ( read carefully before agreeing to the rental)


🛑Please see the below : How Deposit works?

1) To make a reservation, we require a copy of your passport and a 20% deposit of the total amount. Prior to use our service, Please make your Paypal Account. (We can not reimburse of transaction fee)

2)Before you arrive at our store, you must pay rest of the total amount.

3)After you return the bicycles, we will inspect them for any damages or missing parts. In the event of a stolen, broken, crack, damage, missing or any significant issue, there will be a charge for the repair fee.

Step 3: Pick up your bikes and gear


 Unless you are using our courier service for delivery, you can come to our location to pick up your bikes and gear.

Rest assured, We will have everything prepared prior to your starting date, So kindly ensure that you arrive  at the designated time as agreed upon.

You can Click Here to find our location.

※Please make sure that before arriving at the store, You should prepare the cell phone.

※If you wish to have bicycles and gear delivered to a different location, Please Click Here to see the page for detailed instructions of delivery and get in touch with us.


Step 4: Adjust Your Bicycle

BRK_Saddle Adjust

 At Bike Rental Korea, we offer free multi-tools to help you adjust your bike to your preference before starting your journey.

Please follow our bike adjustment guide to ensure your comfortable ride.

If you want to know how to adjust bike parts, Please Click Here to check!

Making these adjustments will help you ride the bike with ease and comfort.

Also, We provide a portable multi-tool, Please use it in emergency cases or during your trip.


Step 5 : luggage storage service.


 If you are looking for store your luggage during your rental period, You can use our luggage storage service.

During peak season (March-October): there is a charge of $10.00 per suitcase.

During normal season (November-February): this service is free of charge.

However, please note that our storage space is limited, so we kindly ask that you inform us of your plans beforehand, so we can make sure we have enough space to accommodate your luggage.


Step 6 : Have fun exploring Korea on your bike!


 Korea has many wonderful sights to explore while cycling.

Be sure to visit our Cycling Tips, Routes, and Resources pages for more information and inspiration.

Click Here to see the Korea's attractions. 


Step 7: Return your bike and gear

 The last step is to return your bike and gear on the agreed date and safe accommodation place.

If you have arranged for the courier service, please follow the instructions on our website AND Our discussion via email.

Click Here to see How delivery works.

🛑Please note that, If you do not want to return bicycles and gear at our store, They must be returned, and lock all bicycles and gear at the specific location by 17:00PM to avoid stolen or missing. You should take Photos of where you placed and locked it correctly with the exact location and send them to us. Please give us an email to see where the specific location is. 


Precaution of Theft or stolen.

🛑Caution! When searching for accommodation, it is important to contact the accommodation owner beforehand to inquire about their ability to store and secure your bikes and gear. To avoid bicycle and gear theft incidents, we strongly recommend contacting the accommodation in advance before embarking on your journey. Please Click HERE to see the penalty.

Taking this precautionary step will help ensure the safety of your valuable belongings.

Even after completing your journey, please remember that our bikes need care too. Please refrain from leaving them alone and make sure to bring them to a safe area. 

Our bikes are like our little babies and deserve to be looked after and protected. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping our bikes secure. 



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