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Bike Rental Korea's Delivery and Collection Service is an ideal choice for riders who want to explore areas in Korea where no local rental service is available or for those who wish to begin their journey from one location and end it in another.

We have created this page to assist you in understanding the process and price involved in our Delivery/Collection service.

Our aim is to help you determine if this service fits your needs and budget.

Bike Rental Korea is based in Seoul, near the Han River, which is only a short 15-minute walk from the station, or a 1-minute bike ride to the river. If you need to rent a bike outside of Seoul, we offer delivery services to any location in Korea using our contractors or third-party courier services, except for Jeju Island.

We consider various factors when determining the most suitable delivery method for your rental, including distance, number of riders, bike type, luggage, and more.

To give you a basic delivery fee, we have provided a reference below.

However, please note that additional fees may apply, so please contact us to get an accurate estimate of the delivery cost.

If you are looking to save on delivery costs, collecting and returning the bike directly to our location could be a good option for you. This way, you can avoid the additional fees associated with the delivery service.

Another option to consider is using Korea's public transportation system to carry your bike, although it can be a bit challenging. You can check out our partner blog on THIS PAGE for more information on using the subway or bus with your bike.

Contact the accommodation where you will be staying to ask if it is ok to store the bike, get confirmation and let us know, and we will deliver the bike before the start date. The bikes are delivered at your location and you simply get and ride. We will provide instructions and repair tools to help you during cycling. 


Delivery scenarios for bike rental generally fall into three categories:

1) one-way

 One-way: This scenario is when the delivery/collection service is used for one process. For example, if you want to start your journey at Incheon Ara-batgil or Busan, please use a one-way service. After using the one-way service, you MUST return the bike and gear to our store by hand.

2) loop

 Loop: A ‘Loop’ Scenario is when the bike is delivered and collected from the same location. If the service is used, we will kindly ask that you confirm with your accommodation that they can store the bicycles and gear for the duration of your tour.

3) multi-location

 Multi-location: This scenario is when a rider or group requires delivery and collection from different locations.

In these cases, it can be more feasible and time-efficient for the rider to forward the bicycle and gear directly to the final accommodation if using the delivery service.

Requests for Multi-location deliveries and collections are always different and need calculating, So, Please contact us for requests regarding multi-location deliveries, collections, and so on.


Delivery fee

Please see the below delivery fee.


From Rental Shop

From Rental Shop
Destination Seoul
Inchoen Inchoen Busan Busan
Bikes 1~2 3~4 1~2 3~4 1~2 3~4
(VAT Excluded)
 $49.00  $82.00  $71.00  $128.00  $96.00  $151.00
Remark Only Bicycles and Luggage available. No People Only Bicycles and Luggage available. No People 2People &
2Bicycles available.
Bicycles and Luggage available. Only Bicycles and Luggage available. No People

Only Bicycles and Luggage available. No People


From Busan

From Busan
Destination Rental Shop Rental Shop
Bikes 1~2 3~4
(VAT Excluded)
 $96.00  $151.00
Remark Only Bicycles and Luggage available. No People Only Bicycles and Luggage available. No People


Here are some important things to keep in mind:

To ensure a smooth process, please make sure to book and complete payment at least 7 days prior to your desired start date.

We prefer to deliver the bike to your hotel or accommodation to avoid stolen, missing.

Please Click HERE to see the Penalty of stolen, missing and broken. 


If you are using an Airbnb, please make sure that your host or renter will be available to receive and hold the bike before you arrive.

Before booking, please all customers should contact your hotel to confirm that they can receive and hold the bike box until your check-in.

To prepare the bike for delivery, we can remove wheels, pedals, and in some cases, handlebars and rear derailleurs.


If you need more information about our delivery process, feel free to contact us.


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