🚴Course: The 4 Rivers

Distance : 633 Kilometers

The time required : 9~12 Days



4 Rivers bike path Korea

The 4 Rivers trail system was created by the K-water organization to rejuvenate and make the areas along the rivers safer from floods and fix environmental problems. The 4 main rivers are the Hangang, Nakdonggang, Geumgang, and Yeongsan-gang.



The 4 River path, also known as the cross-country path, is one of the most popular routes in Korea. It runs from one end at Ara Lock to the other end in Busan. The path is around 633 kilometers in length and takes you through many breathtaking landscapes.



The 4 Rivers Passbook is a neat program that allows you to get stamps as you ride the cycling trails. Red booths are located in various places, and you can get stamps in your booklet. Once you have completed the booklet, you can send it in and receive a nice certificate and medal.

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