The Han River

🚴Course: Paldang Bridge ~ Chungju Dam

Distance : 136km

The time required : About 9 hours

- Course detail

Incheon International Airport ▶ [Walk] walk 111 meters to Incheon International Airport bus stop 9B ▶ [Bus] Get on bus 302 at bus stop 9B and get off at the National Institute of Biological Resources ▶ [Walk] Walk 41 meters to the National Institute of Biological Resources bus stop ▶ [Bus] Get on bus 77-1 and get off at Incheon Passenger Terminal ▶ [Walk] walk 484 meters to Ara West Sea Lock ▶ Ara West Sea Lock



📌How to return from the finish point

- The time required

🕞 3hour 22min

- Course detail

Chungju Dam ▶ [Walk] walk 122 meters to Mokhaeng Catholic Church bus stop ▶ [Bus] get on bus 413 (to Chungju, Gamgok Fire Station, Angseong Fire Station, Daemi, Yeongdeok, Eomjeong, Mokgye, Angseong) and get off at the terminal ▶ [Walk] Walk 249 meters to Chungju Bus Terminal ▶ [Bus] Go to bus stop for Incheon International Airport ▶ [Walk] Get off at Incheon International Airport and walk 110 meters to the airport ▶ Incheon International Airport




- Most Korean Transportation does not allow carrying a bike on it.

- Korean Transportation rules allow you to carry your bike only on first and last trains on weekends.