Bicycle Parts Adjustment

Do you know How to adjust each Bicycle Parts?

If it is not, Please read below carefully. If you have an accident during your journey without these skills, You might wait at least 6 hours to get our help! 

We have attached a link YouTube channel where you can find helpful instructions. We recommend saving the link on your phone for easy access during your trip. These videos will assist you in various bike maintenance tasks and troubleshooting. Please refer to them whenever you needed in emergency cases.

(It is better to download the video to your cellphone.)


1. Saddle Height (Seat-post): Adjusting the height of the saddle to ensure proper leg extension and comfortable riding position.

1-1) First

2. Replace Chain & Connection Link: Swapping out the old chain with a new one and using a connection link to securely join the chain together.

2-1) First 

2-2) Second

3. Replace Tire & Pump a Tire: Changing worn-out tires with new ones and using a pump to inflate the tire to the recommended pressure.

3-1) First 

3-2) Second



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